♥ Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

Before going vegan, my idea of a raw dessert was a handful of berries or a sticky, sweet mango. Since the veg transition, I have discovered raw desserts. I also discovered that I haven’t met a raw dessert that I didn’t immediately like (or love!).

I am a long time fan of Cafe Gratitude (and I Am Grateful and Sweet Gratitude). Healthy living food, sweet treats and a lot of affirmation, too. What’s not to love?  Admittedly, raw dessert recipes generally require some “unconventional” ingredients that can’t be found around here. Like Irish moss, lecithin and yacon syrup. Heh?! Amazon. com, here I come!

While I am lacking some crucial raw dessert ingredients, I have this wonderful recipe from Post Punk Kitchen. The original recipe calls for strawberries, but I have found that you can use whatever berries or fruit that you have on hand. This version was made with blueberries because J brought home some lovely organic blueberries. I only used 2 cups of blueberries in the cheesecake (because I was being stingy and hoarding my berries), but I think 3 cups would have made the berry flavor “pop” a bit more.

I think I have found our go-to hot weather dessert (no oven required). The crust, made with pecans, almonds and Medjool dates, practically melts in your mouth. After one bite, J proclaimed that this crust should be our usual crust recipe. It is  just that good!


13 responses to “♥ Raw Blueberry Cheesecake

  1. It is soooooooo gorgeous! I love all natural desserts like this! I haven’t played around with raw stuff much, but what I’ve tried is fantastic. Have you made those truffle like balls made with cashews, dates, and cocoa powder? They are so good!

  2. Your cheesecake looks so good! I’m exactly the same way with raw desserts, everything I’ve tried so far has been amazing! and I’m learning so much at the same time, new and different ingredients. Making yummy desserts with no hot oven. 🙂

  3. That looks pretty much perfect! I remember that I wanted to try Isa’s recipe back when she posted it but then forgot. It is great to know that you can use any berry. I ned to bring this to the next garden party.

  4. Want to come to WI and make that for me? I’ll take the strawberry variety, plz. 😛
    Seriously though, that looks beautiful!

  5. That looks so phenomenal! I love raw desserts and gourmet raw food in general. I’ve had a dehydrator on my Amazon wishlist for the longest time, so that I can someday recreate the wonderful raw pizza they serve at SunCafe in LA. I like it that the cheesecake recipe doesn’t require any special kitchen gadgets. I definitely want to try it.

    I read the comments on the recipe link, and it looked like some people had trouble with the filling setting up. However, yours looks beautiful. (I like the cute little dessert plate you used as well.)

    I just made the Sanctuary dressing that Isa posted yesterday on her PPK blog, which also uses cashews. It’s very tasty and creamy.

    • I haven’t had any problems with the cheesecake setting up. Maybe it’s operator error? I just love the PPK (and Isa). The recipes never fail me!

      I’ve been playing with our dehydrator, such that it is. It was purchased years ago for the manly ritual of making jerky (blech), but it sat in its box collecting dust for years. It doesn’t have a temperature setting and it’s been a pain to use, so far. It runs hotter than most raw recipes call for, so it’s total guesswork on my part. I have the Excalibur dehydrator on my wish list . . . and if I keep complaining I may be getting it sooner, rather than later! 🙂

  6. Stunning cheesecake! And good call on the blueberry swap, I love the purple-ish hue that created. I’ve never made a full-on raw cheesecake… But judging by how good your photos look, I feel like I really aught to, and soon.

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