♥ Greyt Birthday Cake

My greyt boy turned 3 a few days ago. And I completely forgot. I have no excuse for forgetting, either, because his birth date is tattooed inside of his ear (yet another horrible practice of the greyhound racing industry).

Thankfully, he is completely oblivious that his “mommy doesn’t love him anymore” (thanks, J!). And the fact that the two fluffy kitties are plotting something definitely not good. And that he has a veterinarian appointment today. He has been preoccupied lately with soaking up something that we didn’t see very often when we lived in western Washington: the sun!

Greyt occasions, and even forgotten birthdays, call for Hannah Kaminsky’s Canine Cake from My Sweet Vegan. Baked in a heart-shaped pan, of course!

This year I changed things up a bit. I doubled the oil in the recipe to adjust for Tahoe’s high altitude (and it’s good for his coat, too). I used canned pureed pumpkin instead of the applesauce and I added a handful of dried cranberries to the mix (he’s crazy about dried cranberries and, unlike raisins, they are safe for a dog to eat in moderation). These canine cakes are definitely human-worthy!

Maybe I was feeling guilty about forgetting his birthday this year. Or maybe I was feeling guilty about the rectal thermometer experience at the vet’s office today. Or maybe I am becoming the crazy cat dog lady (somewhere in Wyoming, my mother-in-law is laughing her ass off). This year I went an extra step and made a “frosting” out of the leftover pumpkin and some extra peanut butter (a 2:1 ratio) whisked together until smooth. Then I sprinkled the leftover carrots over the top. Hey, orange coconut!

Look at him licking his chops! He attempted, unsuccessfully, to get the whole thing in his mouth all at once.

But, he did succeed at making the cake disappear in under a minute.

And he licked the plate clean. And on to the floor.

One last licky.

Ahhh, food coma!


15 responses to “♥ Greyt Birthday Cake

  1. I love the photo of the birthday boy licking his chops while you take a picture of the cake. I’m sure he didn’t mind waiting a few extra days to celebrate — dogs are so patient that way. Besides, he probably already feels rewarded with the sunshine. Who wouldn’t?

  2. The sunshine here is its own reward – we are LOVING it! I actually sunburned a bit my first day here while I stood outside directing the moving van contents. Now *that’s* pasty!

  3. Happy birthday to the puppeh! He’s such a handsome gent. 😉

  4. cadryskitchen

    The photos of your boy licking his chops in anticipation, enjoying his cake, and then giving into a food coma are pictures of happiness. It looks like he had an excellent belated birthday.

    I’d never heard that the racing industry tattooed the dogs’ ears. Do they do that so that they’ll know when to “retire” the dogs? When my husband and I have a house of our own, I’d like to adopt a greyhound like you’ve done. I’ve heard that coming out of the racing industry, greyhounds have to learn how to have fun and accept affection because they’ve never had that luxury. Do you find that to be the case?

    • The greyhound racing industry is a cruel one: the unspoken motto is “win or die”. Fortunately, the greyhound rescue organizations are working very hard to change that horrible circumstance (my boy was a racing “failure” so he was let go before he turned 2). The industry only retires a dog when the dog is no longer of use to them. Some dogs are kept for breeding stock, but most are simply discarded. The lucky ones are rescued, and thankfully more and more greyhounds are rescued every year. But, the horrible practice has been (and it still does occur, sadly) to send the dogs “back to the farm”. That’s their “cute” euphemism for disposing of the unwanted dogs. The “lucky” ones receive a “humane” injection, but most dogs have been disposed of with the cheapest method available by the sub-human types willing to do the job. I won’t go into details, because it makes me sick to even think of it!

      Greyhounds are such docile, sweet dogs. I have never met an aggressive, or even unlikeable, greyhound. Since they were caged for 20+ hours a day while they lived on the track, they don’t know how to be “normal” dogs when they are adopted. It took several weeks (months even in some instances) for my boy to come out of his shell. But, 3 weeks was the magic number for the standard (and important) stuff: house-training, walking up and down stairs and riding in the Xterra. It also took that long for him to actually like going on walks; he had never walked on anything but grass or soft dirt so it took that long for his paw pads to toughen up. Now he goes berserk when he sees the leash! And he loves car rides, too.

      Greyhounds are typically “couch potatoes” and require only one good walk a day or a trip to the dog park (my boy prefers the walk; other breeds of dogs and the rambunctious nature of the dog park still tend to make him nervous). If he needs to, he will just run laps or circles in the fenced back yard to expend some energy. He rarely barks and he lives very peaceably with our 2 cats. I have heard that some greyhounds are standoffish at first, but our boy (even though he was very shy and timid at first) accepted affection readily and he was eager to please, too. It was obvious that he was abused while on the track, but that didn’t seem to affect his capacity to love or his playful nature.

      Anyway, to answer your question: they tattoo the ears as part of their record-keeping for this money-making (gambling) enterprise. I looked up my boy’s unique ID number (tattooed in his other ear) on the international greyhound database and I was able to track his lineage back to 1820! I also found his litter mates (4 of the 8 have been re-homed so far). I have tracked down 3 of the 4 foster parents so far and we keep in touch.

      Be forewarned, though: once you look into those soulful brown eyes your life will be forever changed (for the better)! And greyts seem to be like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

  5. Happy Birthday to your cute doggie! so cute =) How are you liking your new place?


  6. Awww, this post made my day! I’m so thrilled that the canine cake was such a hit, and your modifications are so thoughtful to suit your doggie’s sophisticated tastes. 😉 Happy birthday, puppy!

  7. Aw, happy birthday to your beautiful pup! The last two pics are priceless! Soooo funny–him licking the plate while laying down and then knocked out! My fur baby is such a toot, she prefers yucky purchased treats and would so not eat this. 😦 Out of curiosity, is your doggy vegan too?

  8. Fortunately, my boy loves veggies (he has to, in this house). And peanut butter. And nutritional yeast (he is nuts about nooch!). I admit: I am the crazy dog lady and I bake treats for my dog! The V-day cookie post was actually about DOG cookies [yeah, I may have some issues 🙂 ]! Originally, I began making his treats and cooking rice/veggie add-ins for his kibble because he was nutritionally deficient when we adopted him and he needed some good food and supplementation. He had bald haunches and horrible dandruff and some intestinal problems (mostly nerves/anxiety). Now, I am happy to report that those maladies are things of the past. But I still ply him with vegan food!

    To answer your question: he is vegan when I make food and treats for him. But his daily kibble is not vegan (the cats are not vegan, either). To “atone” for that, I purchase the fur kids’ kibble from PETA’s list of cruelty free companies. And I don’t let my cat’s roam, for which the local bird and squirrel population are grateful (yeah, we feed them, too)!

  9. Thanks for answering. It’s always one of the first things I wonder about vegans and vegetarians is whether they extend that to their pets too. One lady told me that dogs don’t have to have meat but cats do. I didn’t know that! Kudos to you for your animal-friendly food choices. I am not vegan but do enjoy mostly vegetarian and vegan meals. I’m a big animal lover so I became vegan for a while and though it didn’t stick, I noticed it affected me to discover how animals raised for consumption are treated and I no longer can find meat-centric meals appetizing. When I’m not cooking for my hubby, I will unconsciously eat vegan or vegetarian because that’s what appeals to me most now. But I warn you that there are meat recipes on my blog, so you might not want to subscribe!

  10. P.S. I love that you cook and bake for your dog. IMO, it’s a good thing to be a crazy dog lady. 🙂

    • I’ll just ignore the meat recipes (I have to do that IRL, too)! There are probably a lot of vegans that disagree with my “companion animal” food policy, but I am not going to risk their health. Cats are carnivores (and they kill for sport, not just because they are hungry) and they cannot survive on a vegan diet. I think it’s ‘taurine’ that they need in their diet (I’m too lazy to Google it!). So, I feed them the kibble and do not let them roam (and kill for sport). I don’t bother making them treats b/c they won’t eat them. Although, one of the girls did once chew happily on a piece of fake shrimp! As for my boy, he was traumatized enough in his first 2 years and the kibble is the one familiar thing left to him (but I do feed him a WAY better kibble now), so I haven’t taken that away. I just add in a lot of cooked veggies (he loves beets and carrots and pumpkin) and brown rice. Signed, The Crazy Cat/Dog Lady. 🙂

      P.S. I have to hold my breath when I scoop the kibble. Bleh!

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