♥ So Long, Seattle

J and I spent our last week as Washington residents playing tourist and snapping photos of our favorite local vistas. Washington may call itself the “Evergreen State”; but the “evergreen” slogan doesn’t only pertain to Washington’s endless variety of coniferous trees. The unofficial state plant has to be moss – it grows on everything!

I heart Anacortes: I can see Canada from my house! Okay, not really.

As far as evergreens go, however, my personal favorite is the Madrona. This lovely tree resides in Washington Park, not far from our house. I miss it already!

Just another Fidalgo Island sunset. Ho hum.

La Conner is located practically in our backyard. The Skagit Tulip Festival every spring: nuff said!

J and I first met in Coupeville, said to be the oldest town in Washington (and the location of the movie Practical Magic, too). Life as J once knew it was forever changed that day. Oh yeah, he also went vegan!

Even when you drive across Deception Pass as often as we did, you cannot take it for granted: it requires a few extra moments to simply gaze and wonder. It was a frequent fly over for J, too.

Farewell, Whidbey Island.

We made one last trip to “the” tourist destination on the west side of the state: Pike Place Market! The construction project at the market got in the way of our photo-taking, so we borrowed a picture from the Market’s home page instead:

The very first Starbucks is across the street from the market and people were literally lined up out the door. After living in Washington for 14 years, J finally succumbed and ordered his first Starbucks. Ever.

Lastly, we stopped at Pizza Pi in Seattle’s University District for a couple of awesome vegan pies (and plenty of leftovers for road food, too).

Maximum Margherita

Ex-Meat Lovers

Two (plus) days in the car makes for a couple of very cranky girls!

At last, our first glimpse of Lake Tahoe:

We’re here, we’re here!!

And waiting for us at the end of our 900 mile journey is an all too familiar sight for us lately:

So, we are once again living in a “tunnel” house; the movers left us just enough  room between the furniture and the boxes for a pathway from the front door to the back door. I’m afraid to even look in the garage underneath the house!

Moving is hell on everyone.


6 responses to “♥ So Long, Seattle

  1. Beautiful pictures. Your new house looks absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Best wishes in your new location — may everything from the boxes fit! Fourteen years of friends and memories must have made it hard to leave.

    (We had pizza pi last Friday night, and it was indeed awesome.)

    • Thank you, Andrea! I have my doubts about everything fitting in this house (the walls are not straight up and down so the furniture thing is problematic) but at least we have a huge garage! I have mixed feelings about leaving Washington (I have lived there my whole life), but I am very happy about our new location and (more important) the fact that we are living 100 miles away from the nearest military base. Oh, yes: I went there! 🙂

  3. Are those your kitties? 🙂 They are SO cute!!! 😀 They look just like my kitty! 😀 They could be triplets! 😉

    I love the photos with the houses on the waterfront! 😀 I would love to live there! 😀


    • Yep, those are our two little evil kitties (littermates that were born in a barn)! The 80 pound greyt boy fears them and he is submissive to them! Those buildings on the waterfront are business now, but the homes in Coupeville are just as gorgeous, if not more so. The Puget Sound region of Washington is so lovely, no matter where you go.

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