♥ My Favorite Mistake

There are probably a bazillion green smoothies and green juices featured across the web. I didn’t intend to post another one myself but I, too, have gone green. Quite accidentally!

As I was assembling my favorite post-run smoothie, I realized that I had screwed up: instead of the usual green tea, I had poured apple juice into the blender along with the banana. I keep them in similar glass containers in the refrigerator and both beverages are close to the same color, too.

I decided that apple juice would be too sweet for the berry smoothie that I intended to make, so I ditched my original idea and took stock of the refrigerator/freezer contents: some fresh baby spinach on the verge of just plain sad and the remains of a bag of frozen pineapple.  To that, I added the usual spirulina and a serving of hemp protein powder for some extra protein. Now, my “mistake” is one of my favorite morning drinks!

♥     ♥     ♥

Green Smoothie

Makes about 2 6-ounce servings


1/2 cup apple juice

1 banana

1 cup frozen unsweetened pineapple chunks

2 cups washed and chopped fresh baby spinach

1 Tablespoon spirulina powder

4 Tablespoons hemp protein powder


Place all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!


10 responses to “♥ My Favorite Mistake

  1. All that it’s missing is some Avocado, still green, still tasty! 🙂

  2. Doh! Green, tasty and some wonderful MUFAs, too. Bonus!! If I only had an avocado… Great idea, though – I will definitely try it!

  3. that looks great! I just made a green smoothie myself today, it’s actually my daughter’s favorite one…posting tomorrow! too funny! =)

  4. I had a green smoothie today after my run, too! I used frozen pineapple, frozen mango, banana, orange juice, spinach, and a little bit of Udo’s DHA oil.

  5. I have an unopened bag of mango in the freezer, too . . . destiny? Thanks for the great idea!

    • I tried to reply at your blog several times. The word verification part of the comment verification process wouldn’t let me. It looked like a glitch in the template – only part of that window displayed.

      Anyhoo, my comment was: Who doesn’t love a green smoothie?! I like the name, too. It reminds me of the kid-friendly food names that I used to entice my kids to eat their veggies: broccoli was “turtle trees” and brussels sprouts were “beach balls”. . . and so on. Hey, whatever works!

  6. Talk about happy accidents- That sounds wonderfully tasty and refreshing!

  7. let me look into that! thanks for letting me know!

  8. Looks like I fixed it…give it a try when you get a chance so I know if it works! thank you =)

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